Mrs. Katie Ristow

There are two important reasons to study grammar:

1) To make your writing and speaking sound as credible and intelligent as possible. You don't know if you are making errors until you learn the rules! (A number of grammatical errors are common in our region so you can't just trust your instincts.)

2) To learn foreign languages more easily. Understanding English grammar is critical to translating words correctly.

Some might think grammar is boring, but we will make this class high energy, hands-on, and fun. Expect plenty of games, races, and activities. 

All middle school students should either enroll in the class during their 6th, 7th, or 8th-grade year.


  • Computer and internet access to be used at home 

  • Printer 

  • Curriculum and materials provided at no additional fee (most of which will be based on Easy Grammar Plus)

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