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World Geography & Culture

Mrs. Kate Balian

This planet we call home is bursting with God's masterpieces. In this class, we get the joy of learning some about his handcrafted peoples, each with their unique dress, food and activities that make up their "normal", in essence, their cultures. We will get the fun opportunity to delve into what and where God placed his gigantic land forms like famous mountains, rainforests and deserts. Can you count to ten in a few other languages yet? Can you eat with chopsticks? Can you eat sitting on the floor, using your hands? Can you label the major land forms and waters on the earth? After this class you will, and much more!


Mrs. Balian has lived overseas for 5 years and brings her real life cross culture experience into the classroom with exuberance and awe of the Creator.



  • 3-ring binder with dividers


  • $20 per semester, payable with tuition 

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