Students will complete art projects that transport them back in time to historical eras that align with their history unit. They will use creativity and imagination as they integrate art with learning in other subjects. Students will be encouraged to bring their work home to decorate their homes and lives outside of school.



  • Supplies will be provided.


In the classroom, we will make math come alive! We will be playing math facts games and practicing applicable real-world math such as measurements, weights, shapes, time, number sequence, money, graphing, fractions, and more. On home days, students will use Teaching Textbooks for online lessons and problems. Teaching Textbooks has automated grading so a parent will just need to submit grades to the teacher.

Required Materials:

MUSIC with Mrs. Black

Music is a chance for every student to shine! In this class students will learn to sing in rounds, play pitched and unpitched percussion instruments, and begin reading and writing in the languages of music. The semester will culminate in a public showcase for family and friends.

Required Materials:​

  • Folder for music handouts


In PE students will learn that exercise is, and should be, FUN! This class will be held outdoors whenever possible, in sun and snow. Students will learn how to play together and work on individual skills. Group games will be taught and laughter will be had during activities such as soccer, basketball, kickball, jump rope, four square, tag and many others.

 Requirements :

  • Students will need clothing appropriate for exercise.

  • Sneakers are necessary and proper outdoor attire will be expected in cold weather.

  • Older students will be encouraged to bring antiperspirants to class.

  • No purchases required. 


Students will choose topics, create keyword outlines and use outlines to speak to classmates in a conversational tone. We will have fun incorporating visual aids and discovering that public speaking is not so scary, after all. No purchases required.


Making science come alive and be fun is the goal of the course! Not only will this science class teach about our world's intricacies, but it will also allow for critical thinking. Students will have the opportunity to explore their ideas and test their hypothesis through hands-on experiments.

Required Materials:

  • None, supplies will be purchased by the teacher

SPANISH 4-5 with Mrs. Sander

Students will begin learning Spanish through fun classroom activities and an at-home online program. The class will develop the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Integrated music will help students with vocabulary and fluency while encouraging the joy of singing.


Required Materials:

  • Taught in class and with Risas y Sonrisas online curriculum. Supplies and curriculum will be ordered in bulk by EMERGE, then families will reimburse the school.


In class, students will practice their spelling with games and activities. At home, students use All About Spelling, a very hands-on curriculum that even reluctant spellers enjoy. Students work at their own level so they achieve a strong foundation in spelling.

Required Materials


IEW Fables, Myths, and Fairy Tales Writing Lessons: $29.00



Easy Grammar curriculum. Purchase only 1 of the 2 workbooks based on the child's grade level.

Easy Grammar 4 Student Workbook: $14.95 


Easy Grammar 5 Student Workbook: $14.95 


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