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Anatomy & Physiology

Mrs. Rhonda Cahill


In this dynamic Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology course, students will not only begin to grasp the intricate workings of their bodies, but learn also of the wonders of the human body, designed by our Creator and loving Father.  Nothing else in the universe is quite like it. The body is delicate yet powerful; incredibly complex but at times amazingly simple. Students will explore the structure, function, and regulation of the body in detail.

Throughout the two volumes studied over the course of the year, students will learn things to do to keep the body healthy, though in a fallen, cursed world things are bound to go wrong.  We will look at what happens when disease or injury affects bones and muscles. The course also covers both the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, from the level of the cell to the organs themselves, examining these systems in depth.

Although the world insists that our bodies are merely the result of time and chance, as students examine the human body closely, they will see that it cannot be an accident. It can only be the product of a Master Designer.


Required Materials:

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