Montana Home School


  • High school students may enroll in any class regardless of grade or age.

  • 7th and 8th grade students may enroll in any Thursday class.



  • High school students should be on track to graduate from high school within four years. This program is not for students who are advanced in one subject, but are not yet of high school age. 7th and 8th grade students are on track to graduate from high school within six years.

  • Students and parents (at least one per family) are required to sign that they have read and agree to abide by the EMERGE Handbook.

  • Although all teachers have signed a Christian statement of faith, it is not necessary for the students to be believers.

  • Students should be prepared to work at your highest level. All assignments are mandatory and should be completed with care.



  • $256 for each year-long, 55-60 minute class

  • $320 for each year-long, 75 minute class

  • $128 for each semester-long, 55-60 minute class

  • $45/student/year for facility and equipment cost

  • Books /materials to be purchased individually


Due Dates

  • One half of the class tuition, plus the $45 facility & equipment fee will be due by August 1. The second half  of tuition will be due by December 1. An invoice will be sent via email at least two weeks before payment is due.

  • There will be a $20 late fee per class assessed if you have not paid by these dates.  

  • Mail payment to Janet Pannell.  Please be prompt in your payment.  We appreciate your consideration in advance.



If you decide to withdraw from a course prior to the third week of class, you will receive a full refund.