EMERGE offers high school and middle school classes with a strong focus on practical purpose to the Bozeman-area homeschool community. The goal of EMERGE is to equip homeschool students for college, career and community service through courses in science, English, math, history, foreign language, business, and life skills.


Small classes are led by Christian teachers who are experts in their field and who love sharing their knowledge with Bozeman-area homeschooled teenagers. High school students may enroll in any of the 31 courses that take place on Mondays and Wednesdays. 7th to 12th grade students can choose from 8 additional classes that take place on Thursday mornings.  Students are expected to study and work at their highest ability. Teachers will grade assignments and give feedback throughout the course.


Monday classes meet for one hour, Wednesday classes meet for 75 minutes, and Thursday classes meet for 55 minutes. Students continue their study independently with each class requiring two to three hours of home-based work each week. Students are also welcome to contact their teacher(s) throughout the week for individual questions.


All EMERGE homeschool classes are held in Bozeman. See the schedule for specific class times.


We would love to tell you more! Contact Colleen Olsen or Janet Pannell at emerge.mt@gmail.com. You can also call Colleen at 406-580-4824 or Janet at 406-582-1687.


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